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Email Marketing Tools & Services Solution Secrets


Discover How Your Business Can Use Email Marketing to Boost Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online...

Have You Ever Added 2,000 New Subscrbiers In One Week?  Well, I have and I can Show You How to Make Thousands Weekly From Your Opt-In Mailing List!

Dear Friend,

What I am about to show you is a risk-free, proven system to generate more web traffic and sales no matter what type of business you are in. Best of all, my proven strategies are so simple even a child could do them. As a matter of fact, if you know how to use email, you are have everything you need to start using my system tomorrow!

In This Information, You Will Find Out:

  • How to Use Opt-In Email to Generate Traffic to ANY website...And I am not talking about just any kind of traffic, I am talking about Pre-Qualified Targeted traffic which is ready to purchase your products and services NOW!
  • How to Receive a Response Rate of 8% to 12% on your Opt-In Email Marketing Campaigns by following this technique!
  • How to Triple Your Sales of your products or services by Doing ONE thing different with your autoresponders!
  • Hint: You must have your own ezine to stay competitive in today's online marketing environment...Find out how ANYONE can produce an ezine in a few minutes a day without ever writing a single article!
  • How doing one thing on every one of your web pages can increase your response rates by as much as 857%!
  • Would you like to add 2,000 subscribers to your opt-in list next month? If so, find out our 7 secret techniques for massive list growth!
  • How to get your prospects to start asking you questions about your products or services, inciting the sales process!
  • Complete Step-By-Step system for email follow-up...Just plug it in and instantly create killer follow-up letters which bring in dozens of orders daily!
  • How to find and create mailing list posts which can drive 1,000s of people to your site absolutely for FREE!
  • Find out what the HOTTEST products are on the internet today and how you can start selling them immediately!
  • How to Receive Thousands of Dollars in FREE Advertising for your business online EVERY month using my turn-key system! What will this type of FREE promotion do for your bottom line?
  • How to find lists of interested customers. Plus, learn a secret technique for getting endorsed to huge lists of buyers for little or no money!
  • Insider Secret: Find out the 3 Profit Streams of Every Opt-In mailing list online...Learn how to take advantage of all seven for maximum effectiveness in all of your marketing!
  • Do you know why people buy from you? If you don't know you could be missing out on 79% of your new orders. This affects every aspect of your internet marketing campaign and is a major key to the success and failure of any online business.
  • Find out how to quickly and easily research your target market for Free online to find out exactly what it is they already want to buy...practically guaranteeing your marketing success by giving them exactly what they want!
  • How you can turn one FREE website marketing technique into an UNLIMITED source of traffic and referrals for your business!
  • Hint: 87% of Internet Advertising is completely wasted. Find out how to turn every penny you spend on marketing into a RISK-FREE proposition! Make sure every $1 you use brings back $10!


I have been involved with marketing on the internet for three years now and have dealt with just about every one of the most successful internet marketers at one point or another. In all of my dealings, I found ONE thing that every one of these Internet "Success Stories" had in common. Every one of them learned how to combine web marketing alongside with email marketing.

Currently, 95% of business online are losing money...even the major corporation everyone talks about on TV and in the news! Even with their million dollar advertising budgets, they can't make a profit on the web. Yet, at the same time they are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars online, there are hundreds of marketers who are quietly earning fortunes in their own home businesses.

The difference between success and failure online is not the amount of money you have! It is the information you have! Now, you have access to the information you need to make ANY business successful on the net...

The list above is only a small sample of the information I have for you to show you exactly how you can promote any business, product, or service on the internet.

I would like to share an exciting story with you...of how I quickly and easily created a profit of over $3,200 in one weekend online!  Honestly, that isn't the exciting part of the matter. If it was just a one-time event, it wouldn't be all that impressive.

The exciting part is that I learned the exact system for doing it time after time as often as I like...and it will work for ANYONE! Plus, I am going to tell you the exact steps I take to do it in this letter!

Basically my system works like this...

1. I Build Traffic to My Website using Dozens of FREE Automatic Tools...Everyone of which is simple to use.

2. I Have People Opt-In to my Mailing List.

3. I have 7 Ways to profit from my mailing list every month...producing a GUARANTEED residual monthly income for me!

Special Hint: This is All Done Automatically

I actually only work on the day-to-day operations of my business for around 1 hour each day. The rest of my time is spent on the research and creation of new products. The ads go out, the free reports are sent, sales letters follow-up, and orders come in. The money is deposited in my bank account. All of this is done without me ever lifting a finger.

It took me a little longer than that at the beginning...but once the process is moving, you can pretty much count on everything going just like clockwork. It really is a very simple system and it can work in absolutely any business online no matter what you are selling.


Before we go any further, I must tell you that I am not recommending bulk emailing in any way shape or form. Everything in this letter is discussing one subject only...Opt-In Email Marketing!

One of the worst things that has happened to the NET was the advent of Spamming, or the act of sending out thousands of unsolicited messages to people who had never requested information from your company before.

Not only does this practice hurt internet networks and upset thousands of netcitizens, but it also will blind you from the reality and effectiveness of direct opt-in email marketing. If I had to tell you the biggest problem Spam causes, it would be that it has hidden from people just how effective email can be!

You are able to do this system without ever Spamming anyone or even receiving a single flame. YOU can actually get thousands of people to start emailing you begging you to send them more information about your products or services when you know our secrets.

Finally, the most exciting part of my entire experience is that you can get this information in your hands and start duplicating my success step-by-step immediately...

I took all of the secrets I learned on email marketing and put it in a course I have called the...

"Insider's Secret to the Internet: How to Use Email to boost Your Web Site Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online!"

This course comes with a complete 150 page manual with hundreds of email marketing and internet marketing secrets. Plus, you can receive 4 FREE BONUSES full of special software and resource files included absolutely free if you take action today...(These bonuses contain secret free resources online, examples of every thing I tell you to do, AND Reprint Rights to 15 Products to get you started fast...Look below for more information).

The whole package can be sent to you immediately by email or you can download it from my secret download site. In other words, you could receive your complete package within 10 minutes or ordering!

This course is the ONLY source available to teach you step-by-step how to drive more traffic to your site, generate thousands of leads weekly, and make sales from your site 24 hours a day automatically while you relax doing the things you enjoy most.

You will not find this report in any bookstore nor anywhere else for that matter...These are the cutting edge secrets "Success Stories" are made of...


"...I almost couldn't believe it...I had received over $1,750 in ONE day in my business. That might not seem like a high number to you, but to me it was a fortune, especially since I had NEVER made a profit in my business before. For 6 years I have tried to create my own home business...and for over a year I have been trying to do it online, but nothing. Then, I put your system in place, and I started making money. It was a little at first, then I did a couple of changes to what I was doing and BAM...$1,750. Plus, now I know how to do it again. Thanks Terry"
Sean Page, Page Financial Systems, Richmond, IN

"Terry Dean has helped me in my business online every step of the way. His paint-by-numbers approach to internet marketing and email marketing sounded almost too good to be true. I wanted to increase my profits though, so I gave it a try. Once I took a look at it, I was hooked. It was almost foolproof....and I am glad to tell you, my profits have increase by over 123% in the last 3 months."
John Burroughs, New York, NY

"This course has opened a Window of Opportunity for me and my family. The proven marketing information makes all the difference in making a profit in my own home business and adding another failure to my many attempts. From the first day I jumped on board with his Success Team he has helped me learn step-by-step what works and what doesn't saving me time and Money!"
Ben Romano, Romano Enterprises, Overland Park, KS

The Best Part is That You Don't Even Have to Decide Now!

That's right. I am so confident that you will be receiving so much more traffic, leads and orders after you put my course to work in your business that you don't even have to decide if this course if for you now.

Instead of deciding now, Just get ahold of my information. Read it. Study it. Put it to work in your business. If You decide that it is not for you for ANY reason, just let me know.

I don't believe in those wimpy 30 day guarantees where people are just hoping that you won't return their product. They offer such short-term guarantees because they know their product stinks and that is the minimum guarantee required by law.

Because this system is so darn amazing, I am giving you a FULL YEAR guarantee on it. That's right...if you decide anytime in the next 365 days that it isn't for you, let me know and I will give you a full refund immediately. This way, you will have all the time you ever need to try it out!

You don't have to risk a thing. I risk everything. The only way I can make such an IRONCLAD no questions asked guarantee is to be so confident that my product will work for you in your business, no matter what you are selling.

I am throwing caution to the wind and extending a special introductory offer to those who act now. You can have this entire course for ONLY $29.97, but I will not promise how long this special offer will last.

BE WARNED: I will raise eliminate this Special Offer VERY soon! Don't come crying to me after I have ended this special offer asking the discount. It won't happen!

PLUS, IF YOU ACT NOW...Within 48 hours of reading this letter...You can receive 3 FREE BONUSES Valued at Over $197...

BONUS #1: (Value $97) You will receive my personal list of Resources and Samples. It contains links to where you can get Secure Order Forms and Traffic Plug-Ins for Your Website for FREE, plus many other tools. (Also secret web hosts which will host your domain for as low as $5 per month are revealed). Using just one of the resources on this disk could save you as much as $200 - $500 or more! Find out what 3 years and over 3,280 hours of full-time internet research has turned up!

BONUS #2: (Value $50) Receive COMPLETE samples of every one of my sales letters and follow-ups that I use in my system. They contain the complete step-by-step system to making money online automatically using killer ad copy techniques. See how I use little twists on each of my follow-ups to pull in maximum response rates on every single ad I place!

BONUS #3: (Value $50) I have also included REPRINT RIGHTS to 15 High Quality BOOKS and Reports which you can immediately copy and use to follow my system without paying a single penny in Royalty fees. That's right. You don't even have to have a product currently to follow my system...Take every step and technique I have given to you in the course and then sale the products I include for FREE. You get to keep all of the money!

Order by Secure Server...

The quickest way to order and get his fantasic package in your hands immediately is by our secure server. We accept Vise, Mastercard, and Discover. Order online today and SAVE $100! This is how 95% of our customers choose to make their orders! You could be processed and learning the system within 10 minutes of ordering using this option.


Remember you don't have to decide today. Get the materials in your hands and if at any time you decide that the course just isn't for you within the first full year, I will refund your entire purchase price immediately.

Yours in Success,
Terry Dean

P.S. I don't know how much longer I am going to offer this steeply discounted of a price along with the Three FREE Bonuses. Please respond as soon as possible as I don't want you to miss out on this limited time offer...

Go to Our Secure Server Now to Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer...

P.P.S. Everyday that you are doing business online without my course is lost TIME and MONEY...Find out just how simple it is to create a turn-key business on the internet using my paint-by-numbers approach to internet marketing...PLUS, remember, there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK whatever to you in this offer...If you are unsatisfied any time in the next 365 days for ANY reason, you can have a full refund of the purchase price...


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