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Peter Sun's Economic Marketing Strategies

A Special Bulletin for Everyone Interested in Sucking out the Incredibly Profitable Contents of Peter Sun's Genius Marketing Brain...

But who can't afford his
obscenely outrageous
$2,000-per-hour consulting fees!!!

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a true story about a man who can possibly make you a million dollars.

It all started when I picked up his marketing catalog at a business show in Perth, Australia over 12 months ago. Here I was,

Making Over $100,000 A Year Running A Business Making $40,000 Net Profit Every Month...managing a team of salespeople in the toughest business (from a sales point of view) there is: selling $3,000 vacuum cleaners door-to-door to people who didn't want them and couldn't afford them.

I thought there wasnít much about marketing and selling that anyone could teach me... until I heard about this Peter Sun guy who was making $100,000 a month working just 4 days a week - - without leaving his home office.

I flew 6,000 miles to see for myself just how good he really was. And after spending six weeks with him, I know his marketing advice is worth every cent of the $2,000 per hour he used to charge. (Since he has retired to his 10 acre mountain hideaway on the Gold Coast you can't hire him at any price).

What, you may ask, does this man do to command such outrageous fees? Well, in a nutshell, what Peter Sun does is to...

Hand Out Financial Fortunes,
Often In The Form Of A Single Idea!

He's done it for me. I've been able to more than triple my income with his advice in a matter of just months after meeting him.

I've seen filing cabinets and boxes in Peter's office where he keeps his successful promotions and testimonials -- and they are stuffed with success stories that can get your heart racing.

And now, he's finally taken the time to package the best of his advice and actual examples of his work into a marketing package worth many times the price heís put on it.

Here's how you can profit from his advice and do it for a lot less money than others have paid and certainly much less than it is worth.

According to Peter, one of the main reasons why most people in business donít make more money is because they are not taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities for their products or services.

As you may already know...

99% Of Business Success Or Failure,
Is Directly Related To Your Ability To
Get Customers And Make Profitable Sales

The trouble is that you simply don't have the time to constantly keep coming up with new ways to increase your sales and get new customers.

And yet, if you could get enough sales at a high enough profit margin, you could probably hire more people and solve all the other problems facing your business today.

And that would give you the freedom to spend your time as you like.

Letís face it, there aren't too many problems that a lot of cash in the bank couldn't fix, are there?

The good news is, if you own a small to medium size business (or are about to start one), what you are about to read will give you everything you need to win new customers and keep them coming back - without reducing your prices. And...

To Successfully Compete With
Any Size Business In Any Marketplace!!

While many businesses struggle to avoid economic disasters, a few have discovered a reliable way to make good money, even in tough times.

Their secret?

  • Having a system for maximizing sales from existing customers, and
  • Eliminating the 'lookers' and price shoppers PLUS
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of all their ads, letters, brochures, yellow pages and other promotions to bring in more customer inquiries and sales.

In fact, having an effective marketing system is the 'secret' ingredient behind all successful businesses.

'íve seen how Peter Sun has used these techniques to take his own
business from almost zero to...

$55,613.21 a Month NET PROFIT
In Less Than Twelve Months
While Sitting At The Beach Most Of The Week!!!

Many of his clients have done even better. Hereís how profitable these techniques have been for some of them...

"I got an extra $11,480 per month from a Yellow Pages Ad written by Peter Sun. That's ten times the response from last year."
Mark Neilson - The Engine Shop.

"With an ad written by Peter Sun I sold my business in 1 month, and for
$20,000 more than I had been trying to sell it for during the past 2
Richard Gelle - Air Cold Transport

"I got 16 jobs worth $44,870 in the first 4 weeks after mailing out just
897 of your letters
Brian Morris - The Journalist Agency.

"I put $11,000 in the bank 6 weeks after getting your materials and
applying just one of the ads in your package. The materials are a goldmine for anyone in business
Erold Ansell - Owner of the Small Business Help Shop.

"We use your strategies in all our courses with great results. All our
students want more
Linda Echintelle - Byron Bay Business Enterprise Center

"From 1537 letters I sent, I got 538 responses. The results couldn't be
Stephanie Black - The Sprooce Goose.

"We've put on three extra staff. We got 223 new customers in just three
weeks. Overall the business is up by 48% on last year. We'll be repeating
this promotion!!
Craig - Pizza Parlor, Palm Beach.

"When it comes to increasing profits, Peter Sun is pure genius. This
package is full of the facts that can make people in business more
profitable. If you are in business, any sort of business, drop everything
and read i
Winston Marsh - International Business Speaker and President of Australian Speakers Association.

"My business increased by 39.5% in three months. Out of 18 promotions I did, 16 were profitable. I got 86 new customers and $673 in profit from
one promotion costing $65. Another returned $3,547 for a cost of $171.
And I can use them over and over again
Leonie Colwill - Cafe owner.

Most of these are business people, just like you and I. Many of them started out with nothing more than an idea - no cash-flow, no rich backer, no experience, no nothing... except for Peterís guidance. In essence, what Peter Sun's advice does is give you the...

'Keys To The Financial Genius'
Lurking Inside You

All successful franchise chains and large multinationals use tested systems of ads, letters and promotions to gain customers quickly in new locations. They know that having a system for getting new customers and for keeping their existing customers is vital.

By using Peter Sun's proven ads, letters and direct marketing techniques in your business you will have the same advantage. (Personally, I think Peter's marketing tools are even better than what most franchises and large businesses have -- and many of his clients whom I have spoken with agree).

You get many advantages by using Peter's techniques, including...

  • You control the amount of business you have each week. Having a ready-made reference library of successful ads, sales letters and promotions means you are no longer at the mercy of the economy or fickle customers.
  • You no longer have to compete on price. With a steady stream of new business and money in your bank account, you don't have to deal with the customers who shop only on price. Instead, you can spend more time with the customers who want your service and are willing to pay for it.
  • Your staff morale and productivity increase. Having a business that's making good money makes everyone feel good. Your staff is happier because their jobs are secure.

There's no limit to the income you can make if you have these systems in your business. A good ad or letter can bring you ten times the sales of a bad one. What you need is proven ads, letters and promotions. That's what you get with Peter's system.

All you have to do is test them and decide how often youíll use them to achieve the income you want.

And, best of all, having a marketing system means your whole business can be put on AUTO-PILOT.

Once you find the ads, letters and promotions that work, you are no longer tied to your business. You can afford to hire someone else. All this ads up to the ultimate business.

You Now Have The Freedom, And The Money, To Spend Your Time On The Things You Worked So Hard To Get

Whether it's time with your loved ones, an overdue vacation or simply more of the good life, you now have the systems to make it happen.

While this may sound like good common sense, if you're like most small business owners, you just don't have the time to create the sort of ads, sales letters, press releases, TV commercials and other written materials that are necessary for your continued success.

And hiring someone to do it is very, very expensive (e.g., thousands of dollars for a single letter -- and with no guarantee of success!).

Yet, it's by coming up with new ideas, letters, ads and promotions that your business can increase market share, compete with any size business, and keep new customers coming in the door -- no matter what product or service you are selling.

Imagine having a carefully selected reference library of ready-to-use, pre-written ads, direct mail letters, and promotional ideas at your fingertips.

It could give your business...


Any time you need a sales letter, an ad, a brochure or any promotion for your business, you can look it up in this new manual by Peter Sun:

"How To Increase Your Profits
In Any Economic Climate"

Find what you need. It's like having him in your office helping you get the job done. You don't spend time re-inventing the wheel. And it costs you a lot less than the $2,000.00 an hour it used to cost to hire him in person.

Youíll have over 134 pages of examples of tested promotional materials at your fingertips. Some of the jewels you'll find in this package include...

  • The Yellow Page ad that gets 11 times, yes 1100% more sales than competitors who have the same size ad on the same page. It's one of six super-successful Yellow Page ads in this package. (Use the step-by-step guide to produce a similar ad for your business).
  • Two co-op mail promotions on page 24. One returns $1,451.00 net profit for each $171 spent. The other costs $490. It gets 491 customers and $6,474.00 worth of extra sales in just three weeks. (Adapt these two low-cost promotions to your business)
  • The letter on page 33 got $44,870.00 worth of business in 4 weeks. (This letter format can be used by almost any business).
  • Use the letter on page 49 to get FREE products and CASH from your suppliers. This one really works!!!
  • A tiny prospecting ad costing just $103 gets 33 people calling each time it runs. Use it as a sample for your own inquiry generating ad.
  • A promotion that gets 350 people into a retail store in 2 days - at no cost to the business owner!!! (You can easily duplicate this one with the help of your suppliers.)
  • The campaign on page 104 shows you how a business stopped using radio and newspaper ads and now gets new customers at 1/6th the cost using direct mail. This may change the way you look at promoting your business.
  • 37 different newspaper and magazine ads, ranging in size from tiny classified sizes to a full page. You don't have to be a professional advertising agency to create dynamic sales copy that works - just modify these tested ads to fit your product or service.
  • 7 great sales letters proven to get new customers in any marketplace. At least 6 different Thank you letters designed to increase referrals and get existing customers buying more. (Just put your letterhead on these letters, you'll be amazed at how much business they bring you!!)
  • Several customer survey forms and telephone scripts for maximizing sales from new and existing customers. Use these and expect an immediate 16% increase in your sales.
  • Powerful classified ads used to sell a car and a house during the recession. Use them to sell your car or home at the price you want - even in a depressed market.
  • Plus over 35 flyers, customer club cards, flyers, guarantees, customer name collection systems and ad analysis forms you can use in your business.
  • And -- most importantly, you get Peter Sunís permission to adapt and use any of his ads or letters in your business.

To have these ads, letters and promotions created specifically for your business, it would cost you a minimum $2000 to $3500 per letter or small ad.

What you are getting are real examples of Peter Sunís tested and proven methods used by businesses like yours to generate almost obscene increases in profits.

These strategies and ads generated sales worth...


For all kinds of products and services. And no matter what business you are in, chances are you'll be able to find several marketing examples that fit your situation to a "T." Plus, you'll get to see just how effective Peter's ideas and marketing strategies really are.

Owning this amazing marketing manual is like taking a giant cargo ship, backing it up to Peter Sun's brain, picking it clean and then docking it in your own backyard. All for a price you are not going to believe.

It comes complete with a 134 page manual and Peter Sun's own notes on how to get the most out of each promotion...including where to use it and how to monitor the results you get.

And, to make it a real no-brainer, he's put it all together in a way that makes absolutely sure itíll work for you.

After quickly and thoroughly showing you how each technique works, Peter gives you clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to put it all into use in your own business.

Plus he includes lots of real life examples of ads, letters and promotions he created for other businesses.

On top of all this, the package includes an

Incredible Assortment Of Peter's Own
Direct Marketing "Tricks Of The Trade"

He has successfully out-performed the competition in almost
every market you can imagine.

If you do nothing more than absorb his different way of 'seeing untapped opportunities' in your own business life, there is no limit to the amount of money and success that can be yours. After spending time in his office, I've seen it in action. And some of his clientís success stories are simply amazing!

He's truly a master teacher. More than anyone else I know of,
Peter is able to transfer his knowledge, his experience, and his slightly "twisted" way of looking at things to other people. In other words, all those things that make him the super marketer he is.

I think it's his ability to shift his thinking "outside the box" that allows him to see assets where others see liabilities, opportunity where others see failure, and extra profits where others see nothing at all.

Once you see how simple and effective his techniques are, you'll wonder why advertising agencies and ad media sales reps don't tell their clients about them. The answer to that is simple: they don't even know these techniques exist.

You'll learn so much from Peter's materials that I can't do it justice in this small amount of space, but here is just a sample of what you have to look forward to...

How to open up a new world of marketing opportunities, tapping into Peter Sun's brain and converting his ideas into your own wealth generating mindset. All you have to decide is which strategy you want to apply first and when. And, as the results start rolling in, youíll experience first-hand the feeling of freedom that comes with having lots of money in the bank and the time to enjoy it.

How's it sounding so far? Pretty darned impressive, huh? Well
hold on to your seat because I've saved the best till last.

It's your FREE Bonus!!! This, my friend, is the best of all because it
will allow you to...

Get This Whole Package For Nothing!!!

In fact, you can even make a profit! When you invest in the
package I've just described, youíll also be granted the right to sell this
same package to your friends and business associates and receive a
commission of 50%. Just two sales pays back your original investment.
Every extra sale gives you a profit. (a $495 VALUE!!!)

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that you set up shop and start selling this information to make your living. Not at all. What I am saying, is that once you apply this information and start to get 'bottom-line' results in your own business, you are bound to have people you know asking you questions about what it is you are doing to generate such impressive increases in profits.

So, why not share it with them?? You receive all the sales materials youíll need. All you have to do is...

Follow The Simple Instructions And You Could
Easily Pay Yourself Back More Than
The Entire Cost Of This Information!!!

Well that's the package, but that's not the end of the story. Look, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are financially. The world is filled with untapped opportunities just lying around waiting to be picked up -- and most people are like starving blind men walking right past the ripest fruit, never tasting, never trying to sample the opportunities they don't even know exist.

But once Peter Sun shows you how to see and recognize these overlooked opportunities, everything suddenly becomes so obvious. These solutions are so simple and easy to put into practice, they will amaze you.

Which leads me to the next point. Given that all this information is really as good as I say and that Peter Sun and other business owners have generated literally millions of dollars worth of extra profits with it, you'd assume that I could completely guarantee your success...

Well, unfortunately I can't do that because, you see, while I can give you all the tools to make you more successful -- I can't make you use them. However, to put your mind completely at ease about this whole thing, here's what I will do...

If you can't "get" Peter's message after digesting this incredible package of material, then you can have a simple way "out." It's what Peter Sun calls the...

$5,000 Results Guarantee of Satisfaction

I am willing to guarantee your money back 100%, provided that within 12 months you show me that you actually attempted to follow through, apply and execute just one idea from the whole package. As long as you can verify that -- then I am willing to refund your purchase price in full.

Quite frankly, if you are not the type of person who applies what they have learned (and 99% of success in life comes from following through) and you don't want your vision of business success to truly become a reality, then don't bother to send for Peter Sun's package. On the other hand, if you are willing to apply what you'll learn, I guarantee you'll make at least $5,000 in extra profits or your money back.

Thatís fair, isn't it? Especially since Peter has agreed to let you have this package for a fraction of what some of his clients paid for just a single ad or letter thatís in it. And thatís the next question, isn't it? How much is all this going to cost?

The people who received this information with all the ads, letters and strategies first-hand, paid a small fortune for it. If you include Peter's up-front fees plus his on-going royalties it would be close to a fat six figures. And most of what you are getting will work just as well today, as it did when they paid for it. Plus, you couldn't even get to chat with Peter for less than the $2,000 per hour he used to charge before he retired from active consulting, or $3,500 for one of his exclusive (and very rare) intensive marketing seminars.

All that is big bucks - - and completely irrelevant to what you will have to invest. Because, for all the stuff Iíve just outlined -- all the reports, the samples of profitable ads and letters, the extra FREE Bonus and guarantee, for all this - - the price for you is just $49.

Thatís a heck of a good deal by anyone's standards. If you ever felt that you could do better in your business, that there are untapped opportunities waiting for you to harvest, then you couldnít ask for a better teacher. You just couldn't.

Here's How To Get Started
Right Now With Instant Access

To get your copy of and get in on these incredible bonuses - just click here! to get your peter nun economic marketing strategies You'll get instant access.

If you've ever wanted to get the best from a very-successful man
like Peter Sun -- without paying the obscene fees he usually commands --
you'll never get a better chance...
Click here for Peter Sun's Economic Marketing Strategies to take action. You simply couldn't ask for a better deal!

Terry Dean

P.S. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response coming in to this offer, the 50% resale rights bonus could end at anytime. Wait too long, and it may be too late.

Order Now Peter Sun's Economic Marketing Strategies through our Secure Server, and get instant access!

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